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Happy Birthday Orson Welles: 6th May 1915 - 10th October 1985

Orson Welles is a giant with the face of a child, a tree filled with birds and shadows, a dog who has broken loose from his chains and gone to sleep on the flower-bed. He is an active loafer, a wise madman, a solitude surrounded by humanity. - Jean Cocteau

Ah, but Orson…that huge, strong man, you know that he’s very easily loved, but it’s very easy to hurt him…he’s capable of such beautiful things, and it’s so hard for him now to make a film that you wouldn’t be the little stone that stops the machine from going, once he has the chance to make a film.  - Jeanne Moreau

'The Ambersons' and 'Chimes at Midnight' represent more than anything else what I would now like to do in films…what I am trying to discover now in films is not the technical surprises or shocks, but a more complete unity of forms, of shapes. That's what I'm reaching for, what I hope is true. If it is, then I'm reaching maturity as an artist. If it isn't true, then I'm in decadence, you know? - Orson Welles, in 1965

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